Article written by Andrew Potts and Quentin Tod for Gold Coast Bulletin. Read article in full here.

A new report by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Queensland (CCIQ) reveals business owners felt more self-assured between January and March, despite the impact of the Omicron Covid wave, which forced businesses to close and crippled the school holidays. A survey of 41 operators across a range of industries and was done in April to examine business sentiment and activity.

Ariana Margetts shared that sentiment about the opportunity for improvement in the coming quarter.

“It was a better than expected result, especially coming off the December quarter which was quite dismal,” she told the Bulletin.

“Things are looking positive now that we have passed the political instability which comes with a federal election campaign and Covid restrictions have largely passed. However, businesses are now facing a new set of challenges including wage an interest rate increases and while we are out of the Covid restrictions, the prospect of costs going through the roof will be tough to deal with.”

Read article in full here.