As a commercial operator, our aim is to make the buildings we inhabit, and suppliers we use, as energy efficient and sustainable as possible.

Our supply-chain incorporates local, Indigenous and environmentally friendly suppliers that reduce our carbon footprint, waste, and help support local jobs and businesses. We strive to encourage active transport by providing private end-of-trip facilities including bike racks, showers and lockers and coordinating and promoting free fitness activities.

Making an impact, locally.

CoSpaces is an ethical and sustainable business supplier. Our company is dedicated to reviewing business practices and supply chains to ensure our facilities and management incorporate sustainable practices such as energy efficiency, including insulation, glazing, energy-efficient LED lights, timer systems and power saving modes. We support events raising awareness of climate and sustainability solutions aimed at educating, engaging and enabling the business community to support the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.


  • Recycling and Waste
  • Local & Ethical Supply
  • Energy Auditing
  • Workplace Training
  • Analysis and Reporting

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