Start your own CoSpaces location.

By becoming a host, you can manage your own shared workspace with a fully backed app, operations systems, marketing, and brand for a fraction of the setup and associated management expenses.

Build your own shared office and coworking space.

CoSpaces gives companies, landlords, and property managers the ability to create, manage, and lease a shared workspace or coworking community of their own. By becoming a host, you can have your own location with a fully backed app, operations systems, marketing, and brand – for a fraction of the setup and management cost.

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How we work together…

Your Own Space

Managed by you

CoSpaces Brand 
CoSpaces App 
 CoSpaces Payments 

Managed By CoSpaces

For Landlords and Agents

 Brand, App, Payments
Concierge, Programs, Events
Reporting and Management


Companies, Landlords, Agents

Business Modelling

We find hidden value in an asset which may otherwise go untapped; and help to unleash the full potential of a commercial property.

Increase revenue of your asset with CoSpaces.

Collaborating with property owners, we convert under utilised and under-performing space such as foyers or empty into vibrant work hubs, enhancing the overall value of a commercial portfolio with minimal setup risk and costs.

Your ally in the evolving landscape of work.

While the traditional office is here to stay, its appearance is undergoing a rapid transformation. Owners and occupiers are increasingly dependent on advice to navigate this changing environment. Whether you’re crafting solutions to guide employees back to the office, building your own shared facility, or exploring options in between, we’re here to help.

How we drive value

With over a decade of experience, we’ve built better systems to drive tenant experience, and create profitable commercial outcomes for companies and landlords.

Shared workspaces are here to stay. The flexibility, and level of tenant amenity has changed dramatically over the past decade. But, unless delivered at the right scale, the economics don’t always make sense.

CoSpaces solves this with technology, and a  minimised administration and operations model. We manage the brand, tech, payments, and marketing, and you take care of the rest. Or, if you’re looking for a larger, full solution, we can also provide concierge, programs, and events services.

1. New Revenue

Shared workspaces provide new commercial leasing opportunities for businesses and landlords. Reduce tenant turnover and access new clientele by fostering flexible office solutions into your offering.

2. Minimise Costs

With CoSpaces, the barrier to entry is removed through our operating model, which has been refined over 10 years. You don’t need a brand, marketing budget, or administration costs. With CoSpaces, we’ve got it covered.

3. Increase Valuation

Asset owners can achieve a greater market cap valuation with more A-grade members and diversified tenant portfolio in their commercial building. Reach out to learn more about average m2 rates and profitability.

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